Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adele and Our Father's House

Entering Adele's Attic consignment shop Stephen questioned for the umpteeth time wether he should have brought all the girls with him. Do not touch anything and don't wander off, I just want to check out a couple of things then we are out of here, he said sternly. Judy made a beeline for a box of expired medications. Norma spyed some old movie photos and busied herself looking for old friends. Joan shuddered this place could use a good srubbing, as she wandered aimlessly around. I'm bored complained Bette. Ling Ling amused herself witha china doll ,while Marilyn browsed through a rack of vintage dresses. Stephen eyed them warily then decided all was well. I just want to look at some shoes then I am out of here. he said to himself.

He had just found a pair of penny loafers for the upcoming production of High School the Musical when he heard a screech from the vintage dresses. Give that back I saw it first!!! screamed Marilyn. Stephen hurried over to the distrabance. Marilyn and some bleached out blonde were struggling over a dress. Both had a piece of it and neither were letting go. I saw it first and it is mine, cried Marilyn. Have you loss your mind!!! screamed the bleached out blonde, People like you should be put away!!! Stephen was shocked Marilyn was always the peace keeper and never one to cause a scene. While Stephen tried to get Marilyn to loosen her grip on the dress, Ling Ling ran over and bit the woman on the leg!! Bette joined in calling the blonde a vile bitch and to get off her property! Judy ran over and cried I thing the sale lady is calling the cops we have to get out here. Oh My God !!! Stephen exclaimed , Girls make a run for it!!! Marilyn relinquished her hold on the dress and made her way to the door. Judy grabbed Ling Ling and made a dash for the door. Norma was already out the door , she couldn't afford the publicity. Stephen got a firm hold on Joan and hissed I don't know what you just put in your pocket but you are in trouble lady! Bette was holding the door and yelled this place is a dump before slamming the door on the dismayed salesgirl and the horrified customer.

I swear to God , you girls are going to be the death of me. Marilyn was in tears . Marilyn what in the hell was so important about that dress, Stephen demanded. It was white with red polka dots. It looked just like the one I wore in the Misfits. She would have looked like a piece of trash in it,Marilyn sobbed. Judy put her arm around her and whispered it would be alright. Ling Ling was smiling brightly, I bit her good ,she said happily. My God what is that red all over your teeth, said Stephen horrfied. Oh relax said Joan it is just some lipstick I let her play with. Norma was trembling with fear and alittle excitement.I just can't face the press at a time like this , she said nearly hysterical. Stephen took a deep breath , Allright I don't think they are following us and I don't hear any sirens. Let's go home before we get into any more trouble.

Along the path home they passed Our Father's house Thrift store . Don't even think about ,Stephen said evenly trying not to completely explode. Just as the passed the door Bette ran into the store. Stephen and the rest of the girls watched in terror not knowing just what she was up to. Bette walked delitbrely up to the salesgirl. She said with an air of confidence that only Bette could managed in times of peril. I was just walking by your donation box and notice that Adele from the consignment shop was going through the box and taking clothes . You really should do something about that. It is a shame if you know what I mean. She smiled sweetly and walked out of the store. Let's go home said Bette with a smile of satifaction on her face.

That night he gave the girls lecture the likes they had not heard in a long time. I warned you that we are in a small town and people will not put up with your antics like they do in Indianapolis . The girls looked down at their feet and mumbled they were sorry and would try to behave. Bette was the excepation, That bitch had no right no right at all.She cried with outrage. i am warning you Bette ,you need to lay low for awhile said Stephen .Yeah and where will you be if I stay out of sight said Bette with an air of scarasm. I will manage now just do what I ask for once. I am exhasted and going to bed so are the rest of you . No arguments!!

The next morning Stephen woke up with a headache. He put his hand to his head . What the hell he thought? Getting out of bed to look in the mirror he stumbled. On his feet were a pair of ruby slippers. He tottered over to the mirror, Oh My God he cried at the reflection!!! On his head was a turban , his eyebrows were drawn in with heavy eyebrow pencil. He had a red slash of lipstick over his mouth. He was wearing a sheet wrapped as halter dress. He whipped around to confront the girls. What in the hell were you thinking!!! he screamed! You yelled at us , said Bette bravely. The rest of the girls did not dare raise their heads. Look at me demanded Stephen , kicking off the ruby slippers. The girls slowly raised their eyes . Judy covered her mouth as she started to giggle. Soon all the girls were giggling. Stephen tried not to smile then caught a glimspe of himself in the mirror. Then he too started to laugh . Then they all were laughing


  1. Your photo explains everything. I see the light now.

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  3. Stephen knew he had only gone to bed with the red lipstick on, not the turban or eyebrows.