Monday, June 1, 2009

Belly Dancers and the Past

After the hubbub of getting settled Stephen discovered he had left the Harem dancer patterns in Indy. This meant a shopping spree at the local Walmart. ( it was the only place close that carried fabric and notions). He told the girls this was going to be a quick run in and run out. He located the pattern he needed without any problem collecting the girls was another matter entirely. He found Norma scouting out the movies. There is not a one of my movies in this 3rd rate shop she said with a air of distaste. Great, Stephen said , Then you will have no problem following me to the checkout. As they were looking for an avaiable cashier Stephen asked , Where was the rest of the gang? Oh Bette is over in the liquor department, Joan is looking at cleaning supplies, and Judy ,she said in a lowered voice, is trying to talk the pharmasist into free samples. Marilyn singled to us that she had found a line that was not too long. OOOOh look Janye Mansfield ghost was found living in a silcone implant. She cried with delight!!! Marilyn I have told you to stop reading that trash in the tabloids . It will turn your brain to mush. Reclently she put the rag back on the shelf. The cashier started to ring us up, Oh are you a belly dancer she asked? Joan and Bette put their hands over their mouths to cover the smirk . Norma looked on in horror. . Stephen replied I am a costume designer not some common carnie. The cashier not noticing the insult went on to say how she knew a famous stripper/ bellydancer turned costume designer . She disappeared after a mysterious fire at the carnival were she was performing 45 years ago this summer. Her name was Gladys Hearne. Marilyn let out a small cry and looked faint. Stephen felt the store grow dark and voices seem to come from afar. Then he felt Marilyns arm on his . Let us get out of here now she whispered in her little girl voice. It was odd for marilyn ever to take charge of a situation . However she paid the cashier and ushered us all into the car. She was silent the rest of the car drive home and most of the evening. That night Stephen dreamed strange dreams of belly dancers, carnival music playing crazily in his head and a strange women in a turban and stretch pants leaning over him saying she would always love him . Then shouts of fire, the smell of smoke , people running all around in strange and bizzarre costumes. He awoke with a headache and a strange desire to shimmy shake across the floor. What did it mean ? Who was the woman in the turban? Why was Marilyn acting so strange? Why did he have the feeling he had been in this house before and why oh why was there a jewel in his navel?

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