Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr President

Stephen came out of the shower drying his hair. "Happy Birthday! ,"exclaimed the girls. Ling Ling excitedly pulled him into the kitchen, Look what we did ! Look what we did!!! There on the kitchen table was a pie. A pie? , he said questionly. Yes said Bette I said Bake a cake it's his birthday and you bake cakes on birthday. Waving a nonexstistant cigargette in the air. But no, Joan said she could make a pie. Marilyn broke the tension by singing Happy Birthday in her breathless voice. Norma came out of the bathroom with a towel around her head and several scarfs around her waist and danced the dance of the 7 veils. Judy then jumped up and did Ballin in the Jack. It was one of Stephen's favorite numbers. He even joined in for the final chorus. They all fell on the bed laughing. Bette who could never stand it when they all were getting along sneered, Yes, a pie Joan said she could make a pie. Common that is what she is Common! her voice raising an octave. Our Joan a common baker ! You know she never speaks of her people or where she came from, maybe that that why ... Before she could finish her insult Joan had quickly cross the room and slapped Bette across the face. Ling Ling made a dive for under the table but not before snatching a piece of pie , to nibble on as the drama unfolded. You Bitch! screeched Bette. Or should I say Lucille! Joan countered I told you never to call me by that name! You were born Lucille and you will always be Lucille !! said Bette with a voice full of comtempt. Please both of you stop , pleaded Judy and Marilyn. It is a party and we were having so much fun. Fun ! ?Fun!? In a dump like this! I need to get to Chicago! cried Bette. Stephen having had enough for one morning said , No one is going to Chicago today. I am taking Ling Ling to the theatre and the rest of you are staying here today. As he walked out the door , he turned back one last time and exclaimed ," And try to behave! He did not notice that Marilyn had left the group. But will the girls stay home? Will Bette try to get to Chicago? Will Joan make another pie? Will Norma be content looking thru her scrapebook full of past glories.?Will Judy find a secret stash of pills? What of marilyn ? Why was she acting so strangely?

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