Monday, June 1, 2009

The Girls

Ling Ling said happily , This place big !! Bigger than whole village I come from. Norma said in her haughty tone, Big!!! I was Big!! This place is small. Joan said brightly , Let's scrub the floor!!! Bette looked around around and coolly said, What a dump! Judy somewhat nervous from the journey and low on pills said , Can't we just get back to... Read More the theatre? Marilyn was oddly quite. Stephen took controlof the situation, Listen girls we are in a new place with new people who not know or understand you. We will be here for 3 months and you will behave. Remember what happened in Indy.. Ling Ling wailed, It was not my fault !! That asian baby was in my way...... Stop Stop it !!! Stephen said with his no nonsense tone. The girls knew when he spoke like that playtime was over. Judy said meekly , We were only trying to help. Stephen sighed the sigh of the weary. Ok girls lets get to theatre and see what is in store for us. What indeed ? What of this small town?


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  2. There is a lot going on up in that head of yours!

  3. And playtime, was over. Summer begins.