Monday, June 1, 2009

In the Beginning

The bus came to a halt, the doors opened and Stephen stepped out into the gloomy dusk of Warsaw. Knowing his luggage would arrive later with his equipment he made his way to the theatre office. Opening the stagedoor he was assulted my a smell he knew too well: Greasepaint and sawdust. Well, he thought welcome home. He saw a man... Read More sitting by the door with a chart. He smelled of Southern Comfort and old reviews. You must be the stage manager! He said with a smile, Yeah who are you? I am Stephen R. Hollenbeck , The new costume designer!! Well you're late ! He bawled and most the housing as been assigned. Here is the address , take your baggage there then get your caress back to the theatre. Stephen sighed deeply ,nothing ever changes the theatre he thought . Following the directions the SM had scrawled on a piece of notebook paper he found his new home. It was a smallclapboard house . He was sure it had been some sort of color at one time or another.

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